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what's down here?

Infinite AI-deation

If AI is good at one thing, it's creating a lot of stuff. If Humans are good at one thing it's reacting to stuff. Put the two together and you have an infinite lightbulb moment machine. Your unique personal experiences and tastes bring what Create-a-tron spits out to life.

With an endless torrent of AI-concocted neuron tinglers you'll feel like Steve Jobs within minutes. Generate fresh ideas for SOCIAL CONTENT, CAMPAIGNS, APPS, CLICKBAIT, VIRAL TWEETS, BRAND COLLABS, UNHINGED IDEAS, and moar...

Who would even use this thing?

Free Dumb

The most innovative ideas often sound counterintuitive, nonsensical, or even straight up dumb. Guess what the last thing someone in a "brainstorming" session is going to say in front of their peers and boss? Yeah, those things. Now you're free to blame those things on the AI, then let everybody realize how brilliant they were in their own time.

Fun for All

As a team, you'll generate hundreds of interesting ideas in minutes, instead of just a handful that Lumbergh tried to sell everybody on. Teams have full access to around-the-clock mobile collaborative concepting from anywhere. Anybody who scans the QR code on your tank can add to it. Even while on the throne or in the shower the next morning.

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